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Situated in Worcestershire, just south of Kidderminster and Stourport, the parish of Hartlebury is an extensive, varied rural community.

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government administration and has 13 Parish Councillors; unpaid volunteers who serve the local community in 4-year terms. The current Council was elected in May 2015 and the next elections are scheduled for May 2019. The Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. All meetings are open to the public and include a fifteen-minute slot in which members of the public can comment on or raise questions regarding matters on the agenda or for future consideration.

The Council employs a part-time Clerk to administer its business and act as its financial officer. At present this is Neil Gulliver. The Clerk is the first point of contact for all Parish Council business, both from parishioners and from other local councils, MP, statutory bodies, etc. (You can find his contact details at the ‘contact’ button above.) The Council receives its sole funding from a small section of the Council Tax residents pay (called the ‘precept’) and sets its own budget each year. In recent years Hartlebury PC has kept its precept at a steady level – approximately £22,000 p.a.

The Council has a series of duties/responsibilities in the local area – for example, maintaining open spaces, churchyards, allotments, etc – and some very limited powers. It also manages, at a local level, some County and District Council tasks; for example, some footpath maintenance via the Lengthsman scheme. The Council can raise matters on behalf of the community and residents and can lobby the District or County Councils and their departments, as well as other local businesses or organisations, about a range of matters. This might include: development plans, finances, future plans, footpaths, traffic problems, signage, etc.

The Council has to be consulted about all local planning applications and it seeks to exert some influence on behalf of local people. However, it is simply a consultee and can only express its view/opinion. It may have influence in decisions made about housing, development, building, etc, but has no power in relation to planning applications. This can sometimes be a bit frustrating for Councillors, as it can for parishioners, who have come to believe Parish Councillors have greater powers.

Hartlebury Parish Council, in conjunction with parishioners, has produced a ‘Parish Plan’. This is a document describing Hartlebury, the community and its environs along with a statement about its wishes regarding planning and future development. This has been incorporated into District Council Planning protocols in order to have some influence over plans, so that developers understand the wishes and ambitions of local people before making planning applications locally.

We hope you find this website useful and easy to navigate. The agendas and minutes of all Council meetings are posted here on the site. Amongst other information there are contact details for the Clerk and the Chairman and Councillors, and a list of local organisations and who to call about a variety of matters including speeding, traffic, litter and landfill issues.

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